Futsal Betting



Futsal is a shorter and in some ways more intense variant of association football – it is played 5v5 indoors on a hard court, which guarantees more contact and more goals. It emerged in 1930s in Uruguay, and since then has been very popular in South American countries. Nowadays it is increasingly growing in popularity in Europe and Asia and is regulated by two governing body – FIFA and AMF.

The Fastest Growing Indoor Sport

Despite being more of a niche sport, futsal is quickly growing in popularity. It features such as a smaller indoor court, shorter rounds (down to 20m) and 5-man-teams ensure a more intense and active experience. The players get more opportunities to be in contact with the ball, hence the game is more focused on individual performance rather than on team play. All of the things mentioned above make futsal not only a fun and entertaining game to play and spectate, but also an ideal situation to train your skills. It is known that some world-wide known “big” football teams, such as FC Barcelona, regularly use futsal in their training process.

The first international futsal competition was held in 1965. Nowadays futsal is governed by two separate organizations – AMF and FIFA, both of them organize various tournaments for men and women, including world championships and regional competitions. AMF organizes its version of World Cup every four years since 1982, while FIFA World Cup was founded in 1989 and is also held every four years. Due to a high number of international and regional events there are always plenty of sport matches to make bets on and you will always be able to find the one with the best odds.

Futsal Betting with GG.Bet

GG.Bet betting platform is the best place to make place your money not only on futsal, but on other sports as well thanks to robust user interface, wide range of payment options, a 24-7 customer support. On our website you’ll be able to wager on many betting lines with best odds. For futsal betting, you only need to:

  • Log in or create a new account
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  • Head over to the match section and use the filter to find the event you are interested in

Don’t forget about bonuses that we regularly provide to our customers, as well as additional functionality such as free statistics in real time.

Popular Betting Markets for Futsal

You can choose from a wide range of markets and odds that are available for futsal betting. Among them are simple wager types like 1x2 (predicting the specific team to win) and betting on the Correct Score that will be by the end of the match.

If you want to predict the overall number of goals to score during the match, GGBet offers the Totals betting option. Over/Under is another wager that is very similar to the previous one. Here, you predict whether the match result will be over or under a value that a bookmaker sets.

Finally, you can select Prop bets to predict a special in-game event or a specific player’s performance. Along with pre-match, you can try live futsal betting and take advantage of an inbuilt broadcast option that makes the whole process seamless and easy. To get started, click on the link with futsal events and then specify the “Live” button. Next, click on the game you are interested in. In the opened tab, you can see all Futsal markets available, current scores and a broadcast window in the upper right corner.

Below, there are buttons to switch between lineups, timelines, statistics, and other options. This approach gives you higher odds and bigger potential winnings. At the same time, it is a riskier betting mode since you predict the outcomes of games that are already happening. So, we recommend checking our section with statistics and player performance.

Ultimate Opportunities with the Best Futsal Betting Odds

If you decide to bet on futsal, our bookmaker offers the best futsal odds in the market for both pre-match and live betting approaches. GG.Bet provides you with key tournaments and leagues, including Segunda Division, Serie A, 1st Liga, FIFA Futsal World Cup, UEFA Futsal Championship, The FA National Futsal Series 1, and more.

Three Futsal Betting Tips to Improve Your Chances

You should follow simple rules to get the most from betting on futsal matches. Among them are understanding the game rules, team comparison, and use of relevant statistics.

Thoroughly Understand the Rules and Player's Positions

While futsal betting, it is important to understand the game rules and players' positions. Thus, you can get a picture of the strategy and tactics teams may use in different in-game situations.

Know the Strengths and Weaknesses of Each Team

Online betting on futsal requires exploring both teams' offensive and defensive statistics, checking individual players' performance, and conducting head-to-head analysis. It helps highlight both teams' strong and weak sides and make a correct prediction for any match.

Trust the Statistics and Analyze Every Match

Do not neglect to check trustworthy and up-to-date information about futsal odds and other information about the event. Relevant statistics help understand trends and determine potential winners/underdogs. For example, there may be head-to-head comparisons with the highest win, total points, and average points/match during recent matches.

Keep in mind that multiple external factors must be considered while betting. Use the comprehensive statistics on our site to make the most out of every prediction. Together with a wide selection of futsal betting markets and available events, you will definitely get a perfect experience.