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MOBA games are popular among desktop gamers. But what about mobile? It was hard to say until 2016. But then, Moonton launched an exceptional MOBA for both Androids and iOS: Mobile Legends.

The game has all that we love MOBAs for:

  • Different classes and characters;
  • Item and skill builds;
  • Teamplay-reliant gameplay;
  • Strategic approach dominance.

And thanks to great controls (essential for mobile games), these benefits are functional and important.

However, the game hasn’t built an eSports scene instantly after release. It took a few years to emerge. But in January 2020, Moonton organized the first official eSports event: MDL Indonesia Season 1. It wasn’t big – just a $13 000 prize pool. But a few years later, ML is full of events with $100 000+ prizes. And the game is just gaining momentum.

We couldn’t just pass by such a prominent eSports game. At GG.Bet we create perfect conditions for Mobile Legends betting. Our site has lots of ML events and betting markets. We’ll share them below. Plus, you’ll find practical advice on proper ML betting. Stay tuned, and let’s start!

Mobile Legends Gameplay and Heroes

MLBB matches follow a classic MOBA pattern. There are two teams of five players. Both must destroy the enemy’s castle (base structure). But it’s tough. The castle stays in the heart of the team’s side, protected by players, minions, and towers.

To overcome these handicaps, a team must get the strongest. Farming can help. It will bring new items and levels which define power in MOBAs. Alongside, teams try to destroy enemy towers to take control over more map, approaching a castle.

Getting objectives is easier when the team uses proper heroes. They can choose between 121 presented ones. Each has a class: Tank, Fighter, Assassin, Mage, Marksman, and Support. Combining them well means having a strategic advantage.

And now think of all you’ve just read. The game has a crazy variety. No Mobile Legends matches are alike, keeping you excited for hundreds of eSports competitions.

The Major Tournaments of Mobile Legends eSports

Bettors can’t ignore how big ML is right now. The game’s yearly schedule is brimming with largely-prized events. Let’s take a look at a few:

  • MPL Indonesia. Remember a $13 000-prize event we talked about at the start? It has grown. Now it is an eSports giant in Southeast Asia with prize pools of up to $300 000. ONIC eSports and Rex Regum Qeon are current MPL dominators. But will it be the same next year?
  • MLBB Southeast Asia Cup. Recently, MLBB ($300 000 prize) was one of the biggest events to gather top Southeast Asian teams. But in 2023, Moonton decided to make a historic expansion. Since 2023, the event features North American competitors. So MSC has all the chances to grow into an international tournament;
  • Snapdragon Pro Series. ESL runs this tournament. It indicates that this respected eSports organizer considers ML worth its money. Talking about money, Snapdragon Series competitors fight to get a share of $150 000. Samsung, Qualcomm, Monster Energy, and DHL sponsor it.

When you bet on Mobile Legends on these events, satisfaction is guaranteed. Spectacles their players create, and the odds provided for them are exceptional.

Join the Best Mobile Legends Betting Site

Arguably, GG.Bet is the leading betting site for Mobile Legends. The number of benefits we offer you is immense. We’ve been on the market for 8 years, which taught us all the gamblers’ needs.

Yes, MLBB wasn’t around for that long. But we could learn from other MOBAs like Dota or League of Legends. And our practices prove that the odds are significant.

We aim to make them as close to the outcome representation as possible. Our research teams gather every bit of information that could change the Mobile Legends odds. This is a mastering process. We aim to get odds sharp as a perfect diamond.

Of course, there are several other elements we are perfecting. Here are the ones we prioritize.

Bets on All Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Events

You will never find yourself lacking a major betting opportunity at GGBet. We cover all the big tournaments. This obviously regards the ones we’ve mentioned above. But we never forget about less-developed competitions: MPL Singapore, MPL Philippines, MPL Menma, SEA Game’s Women’s and Men’s tournaments, etc.

Perfect Conditions for ML Betting in Live

Our ML betting site arranges perfect conditions for live bettors. First, we have plenty of live markets. But most importantly, matches have streams attached to them on the same page. So you don’t need to spend time looking for a proper broadcast.

Regular Bonus Offers

That’s disenchanting when you can’t find enough cash for a bet. But with the best Mobile Legends betting site like GGBet you'll never feel that way! Our bonuses complement your deposits.

For instance, we currently have a general Welcome Bonus with an easy €100 reward. But for Mobile Legends betting, we develop event-specific promotions. They will expand your wagering capabilities for MLBB, MLC, etc. This could be a cashback, a freebet or an increased percentage of the deposit bonus.

Mobile Legends Betting Markets

Betting on Mobile Legends is never dull. This is mainly thanks to its vast choice of betting markets. Here is the brief table representing all the types of ML bets:

Match Winner Who wins an entire match.
Map Winner Who wins a map (matches consist of maps (Bo3, Bo5, etc.)).
Totals Whether a score (total kills, playing time, dragon kills, etc.) goes over or under a given number.
Outrights Who you think will win the entire ML event.
First-Blood Which team or player will score first blood.
MVP A supposed match MVP.
First Tower Destroyer A team to destroy the first tower.
First Lord Kill Which team will be the first to take down Lord (map boss).

Mobile Legends Betting Tips

It is hard to excel at Mobile Legends betting right away. First, you gain experience. But wagering yourself is a silly way of doing that. You’ll lose lots of cash and may even get demotivated to bet.

Instead, you better get knowledge from other sources. For instance, our upcoming list of tips. It has everything to get you on the right MLBB betting track. You should:

  • Understand the META of the game inside and out

Knowing what is strong and weak is crucial for successful Mobile Legends betting. It will let you know which teams and players are favored by the META, having higher win chances.

  • Always analyze the opponents before placing a bet

Remember, betting mindlessly will cause you to lose your money. You should know each opponent before placing a Mobile Legends bet. This will give you perspective on a match, revealing possible outcomes.

  • Consider the choice of heroes from each team

If you practice live betting, wagering after you see all the picks is beneficial. An experienced bettor/player can determine a potential match outcome by looking at them. If you can’t do it now, don’t worry – the practice will change that.

  • Research the best market for a particular match

Mobile Legends betting markets tend to have different odds and difficulty. And the chances are the match has an easy but more profitable bet are always there. So check this constantly.

  • Follow Mobile Legends eSports community

Reading through MLBB betting and eSports communities can give you some insights. These can be anything, starting from players’ shapes and finishing with plain outcome predictions. What’s important, all these can improve your betting.

Incorporating all of them at once can be tough. But you shouldn’t do it. Just take one tip and work it out. Then, move on. This approach will surely improve your Mobile Legends betting over time.

Why Bet Online on Mobile Legends?

Mobile Legends betting is easy and profitable. Due to how this game is similar to Dota 2 and LoL, any eSports fan will get it down quickly. But the fact that the game is not the most prevalent forces bookies to raise its odds. And that’s a golden mine!

GG.Bet is one of those Mobile Legends betting sites. We have a ton of events to pick from. So instead of waiting till a most popular event starts, register at GGBet and bet on any present one. And don’t forget to grab a generous €100 bonus for sign up!


Is Mobile Legends Online Betting Legal?

Our Mobile Legends betting site has an official license from Curacao, so we can accept players legally in many countries. However, some countries impose restrictions on online betting. Therefore, you can always check with our support team whether your country is available for registration or not.

How To Bet on Mobile Legends on the GG.Bet Website?

First, create an account and make a deposit. Next, proceed to eSports section, choose Mobile Legends betting to the left, and pick a bet in the middle of the screen.

How Do Mobile Legends Odds Work?

ML odds represent the odds of an outcome. But it is also a tool that shows the potential reward of a bet. Their size is calculated by the bookmaker's analysts. The odds can also change depending on the change of statistics. To understand how the winnings are calculated, you need to multiply your bet amount by the size of the odd. If the outcome is a win, then you will get this money on your account, and if not - then you have lost. You can also place several bets at the same time. This is called a betting slip. Select several outcomes, they will be added to the slip (located on the right) and confirm the total bet.

Is Mobile Legends Gambling Available on Mobile?

Yes, GG.Bet has an adaptive website and mobile application for Android and iOS devices, through which you can bet on this discipline. If your gadgets are running a different OS, access the bookmaker through the browser. It is also well optimized.

What Is The Biggest Tournament for ML Betting?

MLBB Southeast Asia Cup is the biggest event. At the moment, it is the only official tournament featuring non-Southeast Asian participants. Its prize pool is $300 000. This is the competition that usually offers the highest odds and promotions.