Valorant Betting



Valorant, which was released in 2020 by RIOT Games, has been a massive success and currently competes with CS:GO in terms of concurrent players and Twitch viewers. Thanks to the ever-increasing player base, constant updates and regular official competitions, this shooter has become the main favorite for the leading role in the esports industry.

Regional and international competitions

From the start of the project, Valorant was developed with a big focus on its esports future – the developers invested a lot of work in the game’s optimization, namely to make sure that the game runs with minimal delay, good FPS, and reliable hit registration. Great technical base, classic and time-proved mechanics from Counter-Strike, and interesting character design inspired by Overwatch and APEX, made the game a huge success. As a result, many professional players from other disciplines decided to switch to Valorant. Besides that, the game has become of a great interest to those interested in making bets on esports.

Having a lot of experience of building an esports ecosystem in their other game, League of Legends, RIOT Games are trying to replicate their success with their new title. Currently they organize regular competitions within seven regional leagues. Besides that, each season concludes with a massive international championship. Thus, it is always possible to find an interesting option to make your bet on Valorant.

Bets on Valorant with GG.Bet

Created in 2016, GG.Bet has always been focused on esports as its main priority. We keep a close eye on the scene and were one of the first bookmakers who started accepting bets on Valorant. Here you can bet on both the official tournaments and third-party events. Our users enjoy multiple types of bets, lucrative odds and great bonuses.